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Bright lites preschool

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Mission &



In Mark 16:15, Jesus urges the disciples to go into all the world and share His Good News. In Proverbs 22:6, Solomon reminds us to start children on the way they should go so they will not turn from it as they grow.

Our central mission at Bright Lites Preschool is exemplified through these two verses. We uphold Jesus as our King, our Teacher, and our Savior. We want to connect young people and their families with Him through Christ-centered learning that provides a well-rounded early childhood experience. We emphasize the importance of hands-on academics, authentic, play-based learning that enriches practical life experiences, and Spirit-lead character growth fostered by natural consequences with Godly correction/

We want to walk alongside children and their families as they begin their formal education journey! This means we will pray for them and with them as we learn together! We will provide feedback on the children's spiritual, emotional, and academic growth. 

We look forward to being part of the team preparing your child for Kindergarten and beyond!

Children Praying
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