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Bright lites preschool

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Curriculum &



Bible Learning and Scripture Memorization 

Bright Lites students will be regularly taught true stories from the Bible. They will also be taught how to apply those stories to their own life. Children will also be encouraged to memorize verses on a weekly or monthly basis depending upon our learning units. 

Exploration and Learning Through Play 

Research has shown children learn best through hands-on, discovery- and play-based learning. At Bright Lites, we offer many opportunities for play such as imaginative play with dramatic play centers, creative play with playdough and other age appropriate building materials, hands on discovery with sensory bins and tables, and free play with peers. 


Early Literacy

Your child will learn to identify letters and their sounds. He or she will also learn to write their name while learning how to write letters. We will spend time listening to stories and having books chats in circle time. We will also focus on some rhyming sounds and how to use books independently. We also will learn from daily Bible passages with periodic Scripture memorization! 


Math, Art, and Science Knowledge

Your child will be introduced to numbers, what they look like, how to write them, and what they mean. He or she will also learn about shape names and what they look like. Your children will be introduced to  colors and encouraged to discover and create with colors using a wide variety of art materials. Science will be implemented via hands on discovery, learning through God’s Word, and real-life opportunities such as nature walks and gardening. 


Social Emotional Skills

Your child will learn about how to share, problem solve, apply the Fruits of the Spirit, and communicate with peers and adults. We will learn about different feelings and what the Bible says about understanding our feelings. 


Life Skills

There are many life skills we will support in your child’s development in order to foster independence and self-reliance. These skills may include putting on and zipping up a coat, putting shoes on, opening snacks, holding a pencil properly, and cleaning up the learning space. 

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