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Behavior &

Code of


General Behavior Expectations
  1. Students are expected to show respect to everyone in the school setting.  This includes, but is not limited to, peers, teachers, instructional assistants, parents, and special visitors. 

  2. Students may not leave school grounds without written permission or signed out at the school office by a parent or other authorized adult.

  3. Students are expected to respect other students by not putting hands on other students.

  4. Students are expected to walk, not run, in the school building.

  5. Students are expected to respect school property and the property of others.

  6. Students are expected to have and use backpacks to bring school related items to and from school.  Backpacks are required to be labeled with the student’s name and parent phone number.

  7. Students are not allowed in unsupervised areas before, during or after school.

  8. Students are not allowed to sell or trade items at school.

  9. After the start of the school day and during the school day, students must be signed in by a parent or other authorized adult.  In the event that a child needs to leave school during the school day, a parent or other authorized adult must sign the child out with the director and show a valid picture ID.

  10. No student will be allowed to disrupt the educational process.

  11. Except as approved by the director and classroom teacher in connection with a class assignment, project, or demonstration, a student may not possess in the school building:

  • Sharp objects, laser pointers, or any object that is readily capable of causing injury

  • Animals

  • Explosives

Dressing for School

Student clothing and appearance should not draw undue attention from other students or staff or disrupt the normal routine.  If there is doubt about the appropriateness of a garment, it should not be worn.  Attire typically worn at the beach is not appropriate for school. Clothing and/or any adornment displaying messages or images not appropriate for school. Examples would be messages containing political or emotionally charged opinions; profanity; sexual innuendo; references to drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or violence; or messages that incite hate towards other students or student groups. Bare midriff, backless halters, and mesh shirts are not to be worn.  Attire that may damage school property (such as chains) or pose a danger to the safety of students and staff members (such as “Heelies”) shall not be worn.  Shoes shall be worn at all times, except exempted by the director or classroom teacher. 


Video Surveillance Policy

The Board authorizes the use of video cameras on the property to assist in protecting the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students, and visitors and to safeguard facilities and equipment. Video cameras may be used in locations deemed appropriate by the Board or Director.


Recorded information from these cameras (“security videos”) showing identifiable students will be treated as an “education record” and will not be produced outside of Bright Lites or Bright Point Church except pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or release in accordance with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (“FERPA”, 20 United States Code 1233 (g), 34 CFR Part 99.) 


Security videos showing identifiable employees will be treated as personnel file information under the Indiana Access to Public Records Act.and board adopted policy implementing that act. 


For the purpose of this policy, restrooms and areas reserved exclusively for staff use shall be considered a “private area” of the facility and shall not be equipped with video security equipment. The term “non-private area” shall therefore mean any area on school or church property not meeting the definition of a “private area.”


All speech and conduct in the non-private areas of the school corporation facilities is subject to being observed, recorded, preserved, and examined by means of security video equipment. No person will have a legitimate expectation of privacy with respect to his or her conduct or speech in the non-private area of the Bright Lites or Bright Point Church property. 


By this policy, the Board does not mandate or warrant that every non-private location in every facility will be equipped with security video equipment, nor that the security video equipment will record specific conduct or expression. 

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