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Whole-class Positive Incentive System

Each month, we will focus on applying a fruit of the Spirit in our everyday actions. Galatians 5:22-23 says, “...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness (choosing to do what is right), faithfulness (loyalty), gentleness, and self-control.” We will emphasize one new “fruit” each month. As we learn about the fruits of the Spirit, we will keep track of them on a “tree” chart. Each time someone in our class shows that fruit (or another fruit) in their actions, we will add that fruit to our class basket where we will collect our fruitful actions. When our fruits of the Spirit basket is full, the kids will choose a fun way to celebrate. Examples of celebrations may be a no-shoes day, pajama day, or another reasonable celebration chosen by the class. 

Individual Choice-Consequence System 

We will use a clip chart for each child to track their daily choices. We believe children seeing consequences tied to their actions teaches them the importance of weighing their choices and using self-control. This will connect to their Biblical learning of how our sin affects our lives and relationship with God and others. 

Each child will start their day on “Ready to Learn.” As they continue to make godly choices, they will move up the chart to “Good Choices,” “Praise the Lord for Great Choices,” and “Amazing Day!” If they need time to calm down because of big emotions affecting their choices, they will take time in the “Calm Corner” to calm down. If poor choices continue, they will move down to “Pray” then “Call Home.” If they are guided to pray about a bad choice, they will do so with their teacher. They also will be taking a break from free-play time. If a call home is necessary, they will lose free-play time and the teacher will choose which learning centers the child uses for the day (instead of free-choice by the child). 

Notes and/or phone calls of celebrations and encouragement will be sent to families depending upon choices and movement on the clip chart. 

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Preschool Class
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