Who we are

Bright Point Ministries, Inc. started out of a calling to do God"s work in a way that is different than most of the churches around the area. God called them to be more present in the lives of the people and their needs and to show the love of God in a true way with no selfish reasoning behind their actions or teachings. A few of the members were going to the Methodist church and decided that the way they were going was not toward that calling. They decide to leave and start this new venture together as a family of God united as one. They started in a building that was formally a church but had been purchased by a fine arts company and they rented it for 2 years. They were presented with a great opportunity to purchase a building and they accepted. 

After 5 years the movement of the Holy Spirit has been incredible and they have experienced some amazing maturity in the current congregation. Early in 2017 Bright Point Ministries, Inc. was offered another opportunity to move their current congregation to a new location that is far more rural than the present location. In May of 2017 they purchased the new facility in Markleville, IN. They launched in the new building in Oct 2017 and are looking forward to some awesome changes and growth in the new area


Bright Point Ministries, Inc. is searching for people who truly want to learn about the relationship they can have with the one true God. They know that not everyone will like their style of music or the preaching but they are dedicated to loving people and helping them completely understand that God is there to love them unconditionally and prove that they can show that love the same way.

our pastors:
Jesse Flood

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jesse Flood has been in ministry for over 15 years. He went to Bible College in Richmond IN at FCFI. He has been married to his wife for 25 years and together they have 4 children.

Todd Henderson

Worship Leader

Todd Henderson has been with Bright Point Church since its conception. Todd is married and has 2 beautiful young children.

Derek & Sarah Stapleton

Youth Pastors

Derek and Sarah have been married for almost 15 years. They've been  involved with youth ministry and/or music ministry for the past 13 of those years and 2018 is the first year for The Forge Youth Church here at Bright Point Church.



201 East Main Street

Markleville, IN 46056

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